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Honored and Reputable Indianapolis Chiropractor Provides Service to Management of Neck and Back Pain

Indianapolis Chiropractor is active in the community and has a colorful social life likewise; everybody from the general public to the prosperous and distinguished are friends with the nice doctor

Dr. Joseph Kielur is a popular and esteemed Chiropractor in Indianapolis. He focuses on managing neck and back pain applying an extraordinary protocol distinct from typical chiropractic doctors. The DRS protocol applies a selection of pain solution techniques that are non-surgical, non-invasive, pain-free still truly successful.

Desirable testimonials from clients who go to the Mass Ave Indianapolis Chiropractic Clinic are documentation that Dr. Kielur’s answer for neck and back pain is highly effective. One client who hurt for 10 years before going to Dr. Kielur was surprised with the results after just 90 days and uploaded the following statement.

“Well, it has now been 90 days since my initial consultation with Dr. Kielur. I can’t believe I wasted 10 years of my life being in pain. My activity level has increased dramatically because I am no longer in pain. As a result, I have lost about 10 pounds and feel much healthier and have more energy. I will no longer let back pain control my life! Thank you, Dr. Kielur, my family and I love you!”

Renowned Chiropractor in Indianapolis – Loved and Respected by All

Local residents, business operators as well as famous people see the Indianapolis Chiropractor. Dr. Kielur has been headlined on the cover of Active Life Magazine and been interviewed by Indy Star journalist Jill Phillips, who visited the Mass Ave Chiropractic Center to get to know more about his treatment strategies. Phillips circulated a report which portrayed Dr. Kielur’s passion for preventative care and his respect for martial arts and boxing, as confirmed by a photograph of him with retired boxer, Mike Tyson, which is hung the wall of his office.
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Doctor Kielur is an Indianapolis chiropractor who has successfully treated thousands of patients with an assortment of neck and lower back pain issues. Kielur is well-known and prominent in Downtown Indianapolis and nearby neighborhoods. People smile and wave whenever they spot his wrapped vehicle driving around town because they appreciate how dedicated he is to minimizing neck and back pain and catering to all his clients’ chiropractic needs.